Who We Are

In the Mid-Seventies XK’s Unlimited was founded in El Segundo California, during that time there were just a handful of automobile restoration businesses in the world. The COLLECTOR CAR experience was just beginning. Today it is a billion-dollar industry with scheduled auctions, restoration services of all descriptions, cars being rediscovered, car collecting has become big business. All the while, what was once a hobby has grown-up and has become a full-time professional career.

Clive Collins, new owner, and general manager of XKS MOTORSPORT, has had a passion for Jaguar automobiles his entire life. “I purchased the former subsidiary of XK’s Unlimited for the express purpose of providing the Jaguar owner total support for quality restorations, repair, and service. My goal at XKS MOTORSPORT is to introduce a higher standard of accurate, elegant, and reliable Jaguar restorations for those owners who simply want to enjoy their cars and drive them for the shear pleasure that they provide.” said Clive Collins.

“These are lofty goals set by Clive and his staff, and by the looks of it he has set new standards at XKS MOTORPORT as I inspected finished cars waiting to be dispatched to their owners,” said Mark Mayuga, President of the Jaguar Owners Club Inc., Los Angeles. “I noted that Clive inspected each car before he certified it ready for delivery, this included a detailed visual inspection of components, and a driving inspection of all gauges, electrical systems, and engine/drivetrain performance. His knowledge of component quality and authenticity was impressive across an extensive variety of Jaguar models.” said Mayuga.

Clive recognizes that there are many qualified restoration businesses that produce show quality cars, the difference at XKS MOTORSPORT is that he wants to be recognized as the first choice when it comes to those owners who simply want a restored driver that they can enjoy on any given day or event. Key to this pursuit is running reliability, quality materials and parts, authentic restoration, and a strict adherence to budget. His many years of business management is evident in the organization of the technicians; the restoration process; cataloging each part as they disassemble each car; recording the condition in pictures; exact part condition and location; and creating a realistic timeline for reconditioning and reassembly.

This process is made more easily by the fact that most of the major work, body, paint, mechanical, etc. is done in-house and only certain components are farmed out to specialists. The upholstery and leather interiors are done in a separate location to guarantee cleanliness, this stage is done last so there is no possibility oil fumes or scuffing to the new interior. This is a business that has new goals, higher standards, and a new focus, you, the Jaguar driver.