XKS Drivers Club

XKS DRIVERS CLUB is for the JAGUAR Driver! At XKS MOTORSPORT we encourage our clients to enjoy driving what we restore and service. The XKS DRIVERS CLUB will organize and stage drivers’ events such as rallies, tours, slaloms, and weekend social driving events.

JAGUAR’S were made to be driven and enjoyed by their owners, touring through country roads, drifting through a corner, zeroing the clock at a check point, or simply enjoying the company of fellow JAGUAR enthusiasts, these are the possibilities that await members of the XKS DRIVERS CLUB. Look for our Events Listing and Dates on our INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK Pages. Also subscribe to our XKSMOTORSPORT BLOG.

Jaguar Owners Club of Los Angeles

San Diego Jaguar Club

XKs Sponsored Event - Cal Clubs Reunion 2019

Cal Clubs Reunion 2019