Shop Specialties

XKS MOTORSPORT technicians are well versed in reconditioning, overhauling, and component testing individual parts and systems for your Jaguar. Let us help you with that problem: 

  • Component evaluation, disassembly, overhaul, restoration
  • Body work, welding, alignment, painting, reassembly
  • Engine rebuild, Head tear down/rebuild, component evaluation
  • Drive train, rebuild, upgrades, modifications
  • Carburation, rebuild, modifications, upgrades, tuning
  • Suspension, steering evaluation, rebuild, modifications, upgrades
  • Trim shop, interiors, convertible/roadster tops(hoods), seat rebuilding, carpet, heat insulation, boot, side curtains, wood refinishing
  • Instrumentation, front facia, gauges, rebuild electrical components
  • Custom modifications to body, suspension

Machine Shop

Our machine and welding shop gives us the expertise to repair that one rare part that has become unobtainable as well. We can also do some incredible one-of-kind projects. To the right is a custom sports car frame we designed and built completely in house!


At XKs Motorsport we take restoration seriously. We have been restoring classic cars for over 44 years. It is not a side business for us, it is what we do. And unlike most shops that just do one part of the restoration and sub-contract out the rest, we do nearly everything in house so that we have control of quality and timing. We have our own mechanical shop, machine shop, body and metal shop, and upholstery and trim shop. Our skilled craftsmen offer hundreds of years of combined experience!

Sure we do major restorations and repairs, but our shop also provides day to day repairs and service on classics. We are here for you for anything from an oil change to tune-up and more. We also offer pick up and delivery service throughout the state of California with our own truck and trailer.

Body and Sheet Metal Shop

Our body and metal shop is full of miracle workers. Modern body shops just don’t have the expertise to deal with old style body structures, rust issues, and panel repair. Whatever it takes, we can make your classic look like new again without any signs of the old damage. If need be we have even built entirely new E-Type bodies!

We have probably repaired and restored more E Type bodies than any shop in the USA if not the world. We even have our own E Type body jig. We are one of the oldest continuously owned classic restoration shops in the world. In business since 1973.

Mechanical Workshop

We have decades of experience performing high quality engine rebuilds for both street and performance use. We rebuild classic motors to the highest standard. Send us your motor and we can rebuild it, run and tune it on our test stand, and send you a concours quality motor ready to install in your project.

We also perform all mechanical rebuilds and repairs including gearboxes, suspension, brakes, carburetors, and more.

Component Rebuilding

We offer rebuilding for the all major components such as gearboxes, differentials, carburetors and more. Our carburetor service is second to none. Your carburetors will come back looking and functioning like new!