XKS MOTORSPORT has been providing successful Jaguar restorations for over 40 years. Our expertise is known throughout the CAR COLLECTOR COMMUNITY and we continue to carry-on this rich history with our new owner, Clive Collins. His commitment to XKS MOTORSPORT’s higher standards is a testament to his dedication to the Jaguar Marque. We start with our Evaluation Process:

  1. Age of the Automobile
  2. The Current Cosmetic and Mechanical Condition
  3. Driver or Show Car
  4. Current Market Value
  5. Your Budget.

At XKS MOTORSPORT our evaluation process is a definite advantage when it comes to your plans with your classic Jaguar. Our reports are clear and concise; the owner is made aware of all issues both cosmetic and mechanical. We record your cars current condition; a video record as well as a written description is generated. We then discuss with you the issues; your expectations; and what we anticipate the costs to finish the automobile will be.

Our Evaluation Process:

  • Evaluate and record the current condition of the project automobile, cosmetic and mechanical condition (Click here for your custom Jaguar evaluation form).
  • Review with the customer a phased restoration/preservation plan and detailed budget
  • Outline the process, tear down of mechanical, interior, and body work components, review with customer written proposal
  • Establish project process timeline, disassembly, restoration of components, reassembly of body work and mechanicals
  • Review at each major phase of reassembly, body work and mechanicals with customer, discuss upgrades where possible
  • Preliminary evaluation of finished body work and mechanicals prior to client review
  • Final evaluation of finished automobile by Clive Collins and owner/customer, final detail of finished automobile (final inspection, preferably in person or by video recording)
  • Deliver finished automobile to customer
  • Follow-up delivery satisfaction survey by customer, corrective issues addressed if necessary

A Restoration