When YOU contact XKS MOTORSPORT requesting a RESTORATION ESTIMATE we have two definite processes. The owner brings us their Jaguar for our  in-person evaluation or, they send us comprehensive pictures of the exterior, interior, and engine compartment, a written history of the operational condition of the automobile, and their expected use. An in-person evaluation is always more accurate, and we encourage customers when possible, to send us their Jaguar for our extensive RESTORATION ESTIMATE survey.  (For your custom evaluation form click here.)

We document the exterior, interior, engine compartment, and mechanical operations in a written and picture survey, describing the condition at time of viewing, identifying the areas, parts, and condition specifically. This survey represents the potential RESTORATION ESTIMATE that will be the basis for the project budget.

Once the RESTORATION ESTIMATE has been generated and thoroughly explained to the automobile owner and they/we agree to proceed, we then finalize the agreed schedule, formalize the project budget, deposit made toward labor and materials, we immediately start to catalog and record the disassembly of the project car. This is an especially important process that each component/part of the project car is accounted for, this assures that no part or portion of the automobile is lost or is forgotten in the restoration process.

As we may find an issue that was not seen during the initial survey, we immediately inform the owner by written and electronic communications, complete with description, pictures, and an estimate of parts costs and additional labor charges. We make every effort to record issues, but with automobiles that are 50 years old in some cases, you don’t know what’s there until you scrap away the years of oil and dirt, Bondo, and rust.

XKS MOTORSPORT technicians and CLIVE COLLINS are serious about providing the finest quality and accurate restoration services available anywhere. Our reputation is our bond and our customers become members of the XKS MOTORSPORT family. We support you and your Jaguar automobile as you enjoy your investment and our expertise.

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Ask Clive

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