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The JAGUAR CLUBS OF NORTH AMEREICA Inc. is the official Jaguar Land Rover Inc. sanctioned body of Jaguar Owners and Regional Clubs. The JCNA family of clubs is arranged by geographic location. There are six JCNA Regions, INCLUDED are the NORTH WEST REGION, SOUTH WEST REGION, NORTH CENTRAL REGION, SOUTH CENTRAL, NORTH EAST, and SOUTH EAST. There are 61 Jaguar Clubs in the JCNA family including clubs in CANADA and MEXICO.

These clubs are continually active in CONCOURS and RESTORATION, RALLY, TOURS, SOCIAL EVENTS, Regional and National Annual gatherings and much more. Most clubs also have active websites, electronic and printed newsletters, social media, chat rooms, blogs, and phone conferences.

Clubs are affiliated with the parent organization, Jaguar Clubs of North America Inc., and operate independently with a board of directors, elected officers, and volunteer event chairmen. The clubs provide the Jaguar owner with support in recommending repair garages, parts swap-meets, tech sessions, and maintenance seminars.

The social events include brunches, lunches, and dinners with a program of featured speakers, films, panel discussions, and more.  Most club membership is by family or by a single individual. Your membership in each club includes your membership to the national organization, JCNA. There is a semi-monthly magazine, The Jaguar Journal, which has feature articles on club events, personalities, Jaguar history, advertising, and Classified section.

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